ADR 2007

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The following reading materials are relevant for Day 2 of the ADR workshop, presented by Nominet UK.

Day 2 : Session 1

Harrods Ltd v. UK Network Services Ltd (9.12.96 - unreported)
Pitman Training v. Nominet UK Ltd & anor [1997] FSR 797
Dixons Group plc v. Triton Tek Ltd (2.12.97 - unreported)
Prince plc v. Prince Sports Group Inc [1998] FSR 21
BT plc v. One In A Million [1999] FSR 1
Montblanc Simplo GmbH v. Just Results plc [1.12.00 - unreported]
Easyjet Airline Company Ltd v. Dainty [2002] FSR 111
Global Projects Management Ltd v. Citigroup Inc [2005 EWHC 2663]
Phones4u Ltd v. Ltd & ors [2006 EWCA Civ. 244]

Day 2 : Session 2

Day 2 : Session 3

  • Inadequate complaints - differing approaches:
    "Dismissal (DRS2735, DRS2917, DRS4635)
    "'Saving' of complaint by adjudicator by
    conducting his own investigation (DRS0658), making assumptions in favour of complainant (DRS1988), by using his powers to seek further information from the parties
  • Adjudicators conducting personal enquiries (DRS2426 & DRS3857)
  • How crucial to a finding of Abusive Registration is (a) knowledge of the existence of the Complainant's Rights and (b) an intention to exploit or cause damage to the Complainant's Rights? (DRS3733, DRS4149 and DRS4331)
  • Domain Name Dealing - selling and offering for sale domain names at a profit (DRS2223 & DRS3078)
  • Initial Interest Confusion - differing approaches (DRS3027 & DRS3044)
  • Are adjudicators tied to the Complainant's allegation? Suppose they see abuse on another basis? (DRS2830)
  • False contact details (DRS4882)

Day 2 : Session 4