The SAIIPL is committed to broadening its Panel of Adjudicators to non-members of the SAIIPL.

Foreign Adjudicators: The SAIIPL will not in principle prohibit suitably qualified foreigners from being part of its Panel of Adjudicators, but preference will however be given to South African citizens. The SAIIPL is committed to promoting domain name ADR skills within South Africa and will as a result ensure that its Panel of Adjudicators remains representative of South African woman, disabled and historically disadvantaged individuals.

Commitment to Adjudicator Freedom: The SAIIPL is committed to the freedom of its members to serve as Adjudicators on the Panels of other Providers. The SAIIPL will not discourage or prohibit its members or Adjudicators from taking up positions, or serving on the Adjudication Panels of other Providers.

BEE: Although the initial Panel of Adjudicators (the Panel) will include members from previously disadvantaged communities, the SAIIPL remains committed to an active and responsible program of procuring further skilled black candidates to its Panel. The institute will not prescribe absolute criteria for qualification as an Adjudicator for its Panel, but will rather assess each application on its own merits. Applicants should however have a good understanding of the intellectual property issues involved in domain name disputes and be familiar with the Regulations. In broadening the representation of various interest groups on its Panel, the SAIIPL appreciates that first-hand practical training and guidance will be a pre-requisite.